reality check

you always know

how to bring me

back to reality;

tell me all the

things I’m not

doing right.



12 responses to “reality check

        • Noo i was humor likes to take over in serious situations.. lol its telling mee to put the bf in check himself..shit i know i aint perfect and im okay and thats good enough for me 😊

          • At some point I would tell my boyfriend you can love me for me and if you don’t then it’s time to move on. Your poem implies that you aren’t good enough.

          • Ahhh yep i can see that.. as with a lot of others.. sometimes i dont feel good enough for him and he knows that.. and also knows he can leave whenever. there are days where im accepted but sometimes my past transgressions cloud everything and welll we get to this point.

          • Its just concerning to read poetry like that. Somebody should love ALL of you and will accept you for you. Just my opinion.

            Improving is something you recognize and do it on your own.

          • Yep, no i completely agree with you, someone shoulddd love all of you and its sad when they dont. Its like soo closeee but soo far away.. sighs. I am loved just not for my best (okay worst) part. We shall see what happens.

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