I don’t now why people say

they are looking for their missing puzzle piece;

that one person who matches them perfectly.

But don’t puzzle pieces have more than one side?

couldn’t it be said then that one person cant complete you?

That there are different aspects to consider

and things aren’t as simple as fitting together.

There will always be a missing side, longing to

be filled and waiting to be acknowledged.


been sitting on this one for a while. I don’t necessaryΒ  mean being with two people.


16 responses to “puzzled

  1. Maybe it’s that place the person fits makes them feel whole despite those other missing pieces. And perhaps join them on the journey to find the other things that fit.

    • Lol i thought that too, but theres still two sides to the edge (plus i just ran and checked a puzzle i had lol) idk exactly what that meanss though 😊

      • Actually there are six sides to every piece depending on how you look at things. your post got Me thinking, and I thank you!

        • Hahah nooo i knoww but im only counting the ones where something goes in or that little piece is sticking out lol. You are very welcome Sir 😊

  2. The Jas brand of Wisdom πŸ™‚ the “soul mate,” “one true love,” “you complete me” fairy tale is such a lie! No one person can complete another, as you say, there is more than one side to a puzzle piece. Its the sum of all relationships (friendships, romantic, familial, etc.), the good and the bad, that make us the person we are, for better or worse.

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