free spirits

the cold autumn

air prickles our skin

as we expose our

breasts to the



sooooooo  I took a stroll down memory lane last night. Don’t ask me ask the brain.

Story behind this: Memory #1

theres four of us, my friend (L) myself, and these two dudes we use to know. we went to the local hospital( seriously was the hangout spot,dont ask) its sometime in the  fall  we just finished smoking and were cold. So we climb on to of those industry heater things and were getting nice and warm. So the guys of course are like lets play strip trivia.. why we ever agreed to this dont know( but just add it to the list of terrible decisions I made when younger). They knew what they were doing, asking us questions we wouldn’t know. Long douchey story short, we held some of our dignity and only ended up topless.


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