todays man

I didn’t peg you

for the kinky type

until you were

bent over on

all fours.


the title doesn’t go for all men first off.
Last night me and the boyfriend were watching Nikki Glaser(  fucking loveee herrr) and one segment on her show was a new trend called pegging.. woman fucks the dude wth a strapon.. uhmmm yessss  lol of course watching this smiling and laughing thinking this is the greatest fucking thing ever..its a fucking trend  soo I ask the  boyfriend maybe wayyyy to excitedly
” omgg can I peg you please!!??” yeahh wellll  his face kinda said it all
“hellllll fucking no” which in my mind I’m thinking its not even that bad pussy. lol I’m pretty sure sometime during that  I basically said veryyy loudlyy ” I want to peg someone!!”  now I’m not 100% sure if I wanna peg a dude (god I fucking love saying that)orrrr I just wannaa wear a strapon lol yeahh I can be a little crazy…. sooooo any takers??? 😉

35 responses to “todays man

  1. Hilarious, I am laughing so hard my fucking gut hurts! Got to the last two lines and burst out laughing! Oh, just perfect! Ha, I can’t help but think of a few people I know! (Oh god, just read your comment below your poem and now it’s EVEN funnier!) Thank you!!! Please keep us updated, there should be a follow up post! Ha-ha, *wink*! Have a great Thursday! ~ Mia

    • Bahaha im gladd!! When i saw it on tv thought it was great (bf not soo much lol but im determined) haha you are veryy fucking welcome…i was sure people would think i was absolutely fucking crazy and completely skip over this.. haha def will keep yous updated. You too 😁😌

      • Ha-ha! Never let anything stand in your way! Determination gets the job done! 😉 Are you kidding me, “absolutely fucking crazy” no-no, wonderfully brilliant! Love the post! 🙂

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