torn happiness

I’m torn between

making myself

happy and making

you happy.


I havnt actually been on much lately, its hard when your bf doesn’t really like it(prob a post in there  somewhere lol also reason why I do everything early morning or late night) and since yous already have problems you decide to hangout with him no cellphones or anything only to watch him on his cellphone.. well yeah I’m kinda good on that I try to make time but now  have my fuckit hat on. ill get to comments and reading through blogs between today and tomorrow(pseudo sis in law in coming for a visit, gotta clean and pick her up)
have a great day!

10 responses to “torn happiness

  1. You can only be happy and hope that others around you are happy. Their emotions are their responsibility. Maybe seeing that they are happy means you are happy and empathy like that is good but ultimately a person needs to be happy for themselves.

  2. Think about what you want, and what makes you happy sweet, so if this writing here makes you happy then he supposed to be happy to… I think… I wish you this happiness beautiful. lot of love for you😊🌹

    • Ahh ive been doing a lot of that likely.. and i will never give up my writing and hes getting that and is understanding that..kinda lol ahh youre soo beautiful and kind love!! Loves to you!! 😘💜

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