just noticed

uhm so just noticed I’m not following people .. damn you wordpress wizard! ill try to get back to everyone but just let me know if I don’t or am not following you.



35 responses to “just noticed

  1. Thought you’d just gotten tired of me πŸ˜› sounds like its time to put the wordpress wizard to the torch! “She’s a witch! Burn her!”

    • Haha that doea sound like a d
      Song.. uhm i only noticed when i clicked on someones blog who left me a comment and saw that I wasn’t following

  2. Welcome to WordPress, it’s been happening since I joined ages ago. WordPress has people randomly unfollow me and vice versa. In the case of 1 blogger, he had to keep re-following me about 20 times because WordPress obviously really, REALLY didn’t want him to read me…haha

    • Really? Haha ahh well then now i feel like an official WordPresser πŸ˜‹ lmaoo poorrr fucking guy! It would have drove me crazy lol

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