one, two

one, two

I have an issue with you

three, four

you’re a fucking bore

five, six

I hope you choke on dicks

seven, eight

its really you I hate

nine, ten

hope to never see you again

-Jas & AC.Β©

oohh me and the boyfriend
worked on something together,
lol I needed help since I hate rhyming
then it just turned into him changing things around
and us rewording shit. So ill give
him the credit when its due(no the fucking titles don't count, which
they mightΒ start cause now I feel bad)
oh BTW who else loves Freddy?!!?


18 responses to “one, two

  1. Have you ever seen Louis C.K. talk about when someone told him to suck a bag of dicks? It’s hilarious! Your poem reminded me of it.

  2. I had to laugh with “choke on dicks”. This was the name of the teacher in the early South Park seasons: Ms. Choksondik

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