plan: become a nudist

you’re terrible

when it comes to

reading body language;

my subtle or overt clues

have the same effect;

right over your head.


he knows how terrible he is, and its hilarious
because I catch the slightest of changes and is always
asking him shit based on his body language( and this is not just with him)
which according to him is nonexistent but he cant
even figure out why I have no pants on(ever) and have hes
head resting on my thigh ..
uhmm not to cuddle.. maybe after =)


14 responses to “plan: become a nudist

  1. I like the comments that you can add after the poems. They add some great color and context. Even if my heart was going another way with your poems, it’s is great to heart what you were thinking/feeling.

      • Don’t do them anymore than you feel like. They don’t need to be on every one, but I like when they are there. Little peek behind the magicians curtain.

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