wait, i cant see!

some people

like sex in the

dark, not me

I want to see

every need

play out across

your face.


the boyfriend and I know someone
whos girlfriend only wants sex
with the lights off… I had found that interesting,
maybe she does it for personal reasons and I wont knock
on that but only, ever, with someone you have been
with for more than a couple of years intrigues me.
Any body else only like having sex with the
lights off?!

ps. the title also can apply to me losing my glasses =)


32 responses to “wait, i cant see!

  1. Heck no! The lights down low or to the glow of the tv is fine, or bouts in the middle of the night, but what about all of those broad daylight hours going to waste…morning and afternoon nookie is the best seen.

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