dirty deeds

i was born


or maybe i wasn’t,

bastard child

and all, either way

ive accumulated

enough scars

to be damned.



27 responses to “dirty deeds

  1. Any religion that would damn you for being the smart, funny, intelligent, sexy person you are does not deserve to have you as a member. I’d fight all the angels and demons of that religion to keep your soul from their grubby little hands

    • Ahh thank you lol that was sweet. I dont think im actually a member of anything ..ohh the hells angels? Lmao idk this is just something (pretty much the only thing) i could think of today 😊

  2. well I feel the same way every morning… well… Maybe because I am a sleeper lol or maybe because I feel the way you wrote… isn’t it because we are humans and perfect with all imperfections… so you are prefecture way you are… with all dark and light side of yourself. hugs hun 😊😘

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