not very long

would you

even be upset

if I left?



23 responses to “not very long

  1. Or even notice? (Yeah I’m digging around in your back catalog. So you may find comments popping up and be like “What the…?!”. It’s just me. ::big hug:: hope you Are doing well. People LOVE your poems. I’ve been stopped twice on the street and people like to watch me make the stickers. Your are damn good, Jas! I would def notice if you left!

    • Haha its all good..hugs!! I’m doing about you? Really?! That’s awesome!! I tagged you and took a screen shot of one my poems you did i really appreciate it 💜 aww thankss

      • The day clinic is kicking my butt, but that’s good. I’m doing good work. We have even opened up some new doors that scare the hell out of me, but that are important to sort through.

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