Lets pretend

I’m good enough

and my past




I appreciate the comments

and I’m not ignoring them

just like my little hole

right now.



16 responses to “disguise

  1. Ah, I like to crawl under a rock at times too, don’t apologise for it…or at least you don’t have to justify it…stay there until you’re ready to come out again 😉

  2. Pretense is exactly why you should not worry for your past, especially when you are nor ignoring your little hole. err.. I mean…that perhaps something in your past has taught you the impotence of not ignoring your little ..Uhh… oh hell, what I think I am saying is fix up that little hole the way you like it and do not concern yourself with the past except in whatever way you think it may pertain to your now, satisfactroty, to yourself at least little holey shit, I have absolutely no idea what you were saying or I am thinking…..I am going to shower now! ; )

    • Hahah awesome. I can usually push my past aside, but some days nott at all. Omg thiss really is the greatest comment youve ever given. My little hole whatever it may be lol is getting worked on.. oh geez youre right this hole business is tricky lmao. I totally get what you are saying though and thank you 😊😌

  3. I’m learning that our past is a tricky fucker. There can certainly be some bad shit, but somehow we survived it and are still (maybe barely) standing. This means that we are either lucky as hell or stronger than we realize and give ourselves credit for…or a combination of both. I don’t know how to say it, but the point is that we have looked Darkness in the eye and survived to tell the story. This means something significant. We are fighters and survivors when many others would crumble. We don’t need to disguise this fact, or be ashamed of this. But we do have the choice to look forward and leave the past behind us, where it deserves to be. We have nothing to hide. We just decide that what is done is done. Next page.

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