pay attention

You say

I’m letting

certain things

dominant my life,

but why do you

think that




5 responses to “pay attention

  1. When one aspect of life dominates another it is often because either the other aspects are unfulfilling in some way or that the singular aspect is, in some way, filling a need. That is not to say that balance isn’t a better road. Merely that out of balance serves a specific role. Sometimes as a refuge; other times because the aspect is something new and immersion is often the consequence of new and enjoyable. In any case, knowing why some aspect takes precedence is an important part of self awareness and of discussion in a relationship.

    • Ahh yess unfulfillment has lead to a need being filled lol. Oh geez you have nailed it right on the fucking head lol. Im pretty sure i know mostly why it happened but now fixing it and having a discussion is another matter

  2. The oblique intimacy here, adds to the intensity of it. We live in an overlit age, and here you allude to something painful, something sensual at times. Certainly it begs questions that I almost don’t want explained to me, which is the mark of good writing. You are either trusting your reader or not caring, either of which is good with me 🙂

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