can we go back

I remember

when you were

my lover

as well as

my friend.



17 responses to “can we go back

      • It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Someone will compromise more than the other…but it is worth it. I never thought I’d be a biker chick…but now I am…and I kind of like it.

          • It’s cool.and scary. My husband is a speed demon…..I just started riding with him last year and I hadn’t invested a lot of money into it…so I didn’t have a helmet or anything….

            He took me at 110 mph several times….😱😨 I have a helmet now…..

          • Thanks, me too!!! He does things like ride with no hands and shit…freaks me out. We have a toddler, so I’m like “think of him!!!!!!” Lol…I do like the together time with him, though….I have to fully trust him when I sit on that bike with him. It’s a game changer.

          • Haha..oh myy,I would be freaked too! Awwe yeahh definitely have to be a little wary. Oh i can image, putting your life in someone elses hands, how awesome. Haha glad you enjoy the time together 😌

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