your heartbeat






26 responses to “serenity

      • Now you’re talking! I’m glad you’ve come to your senses. I was worried you’d start penning terrible lyrics to Sam Smith…or something 😂
        And now I need a smoke 😁

        • Hahaha ohh fuck noo! The sweetness like to come out ever once and a while and i stomp that shit down, i just finished one 😁😋

          • Good. Coz Sam Smith I really can’t do. Like no fucking way can I stand that sirupy voice and shit lyrics 😈
            Seriously though, it was good. I do like a little bit of sweet sometimes 😉

          • Hahaa i knoww that feeling! Hes voice makes me cringe most times 😁 thanks, yes just a little. .too carried away id ill have to be committed 😜

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