something youll never see

You tell me to confide in you;

that you’ll love no matter what –

that the Truth wont affect us.

Your mouth keeps telling me what

any person would want to hear;

yet I cant stop focusing on your eyes.

They tell the truth that wont come out;

the contempt, disgust, the cunning.

I do know you love  me, buts let not pretend

your caring or interest are for my benefit;

its about yours, your upper hand,

your ace in a hole  for a rainy day,

you’re smart I’ll give you that,

picking your words carefully,

but you’re predictable,

I let you think you’re in control because

I’m just the right amount of fucked up

to play this  game; my game,

your questioning and accusations are

foreplay for me  and your sweet deceptive ways

the orgasm that shakes my core. You’ll never be in control,

but its cute when you think you are.



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