giving up

How many times

do I have to beg you

to tell me what’s wrong,

before giving up is appropriate.



48 responses to “giving up

      • I ask once if they don’t answer I assume they don’t wish me to know. I’m ok with not knowing. It keeps my life simpler. If someone asks me I answer the first time they ask. I am too old for gamers or liars.

        • Thats very true. Usually if i dont get an answer in 30 seconds i dont even want to know. But sometimes, my curiosity will not let it go, it becomes an obsession to know. Lol I do have to agree not knowing does make life simple

  1. If it’s important for your sanity, then find a different way to ask. But, ultimately, if they refuse to communicate then there is little you can do. You need to decide if the lack of communication is something you can live with or if it is a problem. We love who we love and there are things that we must accept in our partners. Maybe it’s a sore subject. Ask the question then give them space to answer it. Hopefully they will reach out, knowing it is important to you. I hope it works out for you.

    • Thats very true. Sometimes it is important to my sanity and i ask different ways .. and maybe if i get bullshit answers i can deal with that but i get silence..silence and it drives me crazy. Yeah we definitely have some communication problems (that at first i didnt mind but now is a major problem) that we are working on. Thank you, really. Oh and he’ll eventually tell me sometimes but the worst possible moments

      • I would be remiss if I didn’t say that withholding then telling you during a fight or when it will be the most awkward/cause the most harm is a classic sign of emotional manipulation or emotional abuse. I hope, for your happiness, that it is merely inexperience and that it gets better.

  2. You captured that dissonance, that frustration really well.
    OK, a challenge, using this poem as a basis, write a scene using sensory detail that shows us this. A kitchen table, a desultory cup of coffee in a cafe or even grocery shopping. We use what is going on around us, within us to make great art.

  3. I do understand the poem. Years ago. I hung with the pissed off women who were singers, poets and writers. They liked me. I was in the state of wanting nothing. Sometime people need to fix themselves. They need just a friend who will listen and talk rarely of things wanted left dead and bury.

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