wanton girl

Wild and young;

uncaring to the names,

she does what she wants,

loves who she wants.

She strips at the mere

thought of your name

or his

or hers.

Life’s short

and she’s gonna get

as much pleasure

out of it as possible.



12 responses to “wanton girl

    • well im extremely glad it can, even when savage πŸ˜‹ idk the honesty perhaps ..my writing style aint that great.. maybe you’re just like me and have a few screws loose 😁

      • I think I have a whole toolkit of loose screws, tbh. But I’m beginning, very slowly, to come to terms with it. Maybe even be able to live quite cheerfully? (You never know …) πŸ™‚

        • Ohh i like rattling mine around and making music 😜 haha i definitely know theres a cheerful way to live minus the free missing pieces…or i could still be in fantasyland. Im glad you are coming to terms with it 😊

          • Me too. Been a long time. Not out of the woods, mind. On the other hand, the woods *can* be cool and dark and awfully attractive. πŸ™‚ Much appreciate all the likes you give me re the writing, btw. Funny how happy they can make a writerly soul.

          • Few* (damn that should have been another fact..cant spell for shit) ah the woods can sometimes be too awesomely dark and attractive you dont wanna leave. Well i know you will do it. Ah you are extremely welcome, i dig your style of writing. Oh defintely man, its an acknowledgement that your liked in some aspect.

  1. I told my kids. Travel, test life and have fun. We will become old one day. Sooner than we think. I liked the woman who wanted to travel, free-climb the mountain and suicide board the sea. Wild eyes, wild spirit and free heart. Will have great memories to hold in old age. A amazing poem dear Poet.

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