Home, Where Are You?

I can’t wait to go home.

I know how horrible it sounds  but I can’t  fucking think straight. Theres barely anytime to write. Before you say make time to write  or let the inspiration just come to you-no shit dick.

In the basement, there is no service and what little service won’t work with my computer. And I hate posting from my phone. So I have been scheduling my posts- which is driving me fucking crazy,  for some reason. I find little,tiny moments of peace and clarity, creating as many posts as possible. (I cant miss a day)

I need quiet. I need to write; even with all these mixed emotions and pointless words.  I need to be able to smoke,fuck,and chill where I want.I’ve  been zoning out, giving attitude and extremly withdrawn. And I dont want to be that person, but I cant help it. I’m an introvert that gets fucking overloaded-especially in this house hold and need to crawl into the closet to chill.

I leave Friday morning,counting down the days. I’m  going to say this for the 100th thousandth  time though and say imma be depressed as shit when I get back. What can I say I love begging for this shit.

We are going  out tonight, which is cool- I can finally see Star Wars. But, even when out I continue to see words…really should start carrying around a little book.

Ah one of the many problems of my life. 😝



8 responses to “Home, Where Are You?

  1. I do most of my posting from my phone as well, and it takes me ages to get anything written the way I want. Then I have to spell check, because my fat fingers mistype on such a small keypad..ugh. lol. I know your pain!

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