24 responses to “The Breakfast of Champions.

  1. Haha! Even though the clinic provides healthy meals, I’ve only been eating musli and cake. ::shrug:: The doctors say it’s not great, but it is ok, as long as I’m eating something, at least.

          • I’m not exactly sure. It’s like oatmeal oats. I like it with dried fruit. It can be healthy if you are not careful. To prevent that, I add whole milk and full-fat yogurt. It’s kind of like milky oatmeal. It has a bazillion calories, so I usually have just one bowl and I’m good for the day.

          • I recommend it. But you have to dress it up properly. My wife uses only five-grain oats and almond milk. Healthy. Not for me. I want mine sugar sweet and full of fat/flavor. Stir in some sugar, too. Then I eat until my stomach will explode and I can barely walk. Eat until you hate eating. Perfect! So good. Then do it all again the next day *smile* (Did I mention that I have problems with my relationship with food?)

          • I have problems with my food too! lol and i gave up sugar..mostly haha lets say i get a little hulky from the lack of sugar lmao. I did by this oatmeal once , never ate it. Then i bought bran cereal in an attempt to somewhat eat a little better – fucking cardboard. Im just a picky eater who on occasionally go a day or two without eating lol

          • Im going home for two nights tomorrow. I am most stressed by the fact that I will need to eat three meals with my wife. I NEVER eat three meals on my own. On a good day, I have one. Maybe two if I want to count the calories from a soda as a meal.

          • holy shit me2!. i go home tomorrow also not for 2 weeks, but still. Luckily, there are not real set meals except for christmas, so i can get away without eating three meals. I am known to then binge like fucking crazy.

          • When I have a binge attack I hide it. I will stash food (usually sweets) and wait for my wife to sleep. Then get up and have foodapalooza. I clean up, hide the trash, then go back to bed and feel happy… until the morning or when I see the wrappers and packaging.

          • yess, thats one reason why i gave up on sweets so i wouldnt be able to do this, so instead i stalk around the house going crazy kicking shit and yelling-awesomenessor because we decide to keep minimal food in the house. which is good for everyday but when i wanan binge not.so.much.

          • One time I got caught because I had not stashed anything, so I destroyed our kitchen and cabinets. I ate all of our cold cuts, all the cheese, a package of cookies, most of our Nutella and half a jar of honey.

          • It just popped up on my phone. I don’t own my phone we just try to work together. It is too smart for me.

          • haha yeah i had to search through mine and found it. Im kicking you off my blog because im starting to feel bad that you are supposed to be leaving and i keep answering your comments. lol

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