One Year

Its been a year. A whole year.

I can’t believe you did it.

When I see a fast car or something that reminds me of you I wonder why?

I know people arent what they seem; demons hide in the dark feeding off the loneliness and troubles.

People drift away, but it doesnt mean they stop caring.

We had seen eachother on and off, more often off, leading up to the date.

We all were growing up, had our lives to live. But we had forgotten you, not on purpose. We didnt call, we didnt visit. We just assumed everything was fine. That was a mistake.

I still remember  waking up November 28 2014 and having my boyfriend tell me that you died.

You killed yourself.

It was surreal. Youu, out of all people, you did it. I was in shock, surprised.

I didn’t  believe him at first until the story came out. You were  gone. One of the funniest,craziest men I will ever know.

I’m  not judging  you, I understand.

I’m  just sorry that you couldnt get the peace you wanted here.

Miss you old friend.


2 responses to “One Year

  1. This cut deeply into my heart. It is so simple and honest. I could imagine someone writing this for me. If could let myself cry, I would right now.

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